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    What Are You Reading?

    If you are on my blog properly, you will see that my reading list is on display. But I thought I might illuminate my current reading selections, and ask you to share what your nightstand looks like (assuming you have books on your nightstand). Parable of the Sower: I just started this yesterday evening. A friend who is moving offered me the chance to browse and take from her science fiction collection. This one was actually off to the side, but she thumbed it a moment and handed it to me. Valuing my friend’s judgment, I decided it would be an earlier-rather-than-later read. So far, “odd” sums it up –…

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    Used Books Day

    Friday, my wife had to be dropped off in Easley. I decided to go the extra distance and make a run to Mr. K’s Used Books. Supporting such a trek was the fact that my wife had set aside a box of books to trade in, while cleaning out her office. Turns out that most of the books were not accepted as trade-in. But, with the little bit I had made, I was able to pick out a couple interesting items: Introduction to the Theory of Relativity by Peter Gabriel Bergmann Der Spieler und andere Romane (Dostoyevski, in German!) Medieval and Modern Greek by Robert Browning (ooooooh) And the opportunity…

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    After You Believe

    I had the pleasure of preaching today, a 30,000 ft. view of discipleship. I quoted from After You Believe, and said I would post a link. Well, I will do just a bit more and provide the quote itself: Love is great-hearted; love is kind,knows no jealousy, makes no fussnot puffed up, no shameless ways,doesn’t force its rightful claim;doesn’t rage, or bear a grudge,doesn’t cheer at others’ harm,rejoices, rather, in the truth.Love bears all things, believes all things;love hopes all things, endures all things.Love never fails… Fair enough to hold before yourselves that astonishing portrait. But don’t imagine that you can just step into it on a cheerful sunny morning and stay there effortlessly forever. The last…

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    Indian Wednesday

    That is, food. My wife is not the biggest fan of lamb, but my daughter likes it much as I do1. Since my daughter was left home with me over this past weekend2, I had intended to make us something with lamb. Even got it from the local Publix. However, Jenna kept on going out and doing teenager-y things, and it just didn’t happen. However, that meant I still have lamb. And, well, it wants to be eaten! And in respect of my wife, I chose two dishes to make for dinner, one lamb and one chicken. Those choices? Aloo gosht (Delhi-style lamb cooked with potatoes) and Murgh aur masoor…

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    In The Mail: Spoken Uyghur

    I’ve been drooling over this book for a while. Time to remove it from my wish list! It is aesthetically quite fetching, I think. Pretty reds and oranges, crisp paper. An interesting amount of extra white space at the bottom of each page, though.

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    Linguistics & Biblical Exegesis: Motivation

    The final three chapters, chapters 6-8, were a nice bridge from the shortened specifics of linguistic study and history towards a sounder study of scripture. Six focused on issues directly relating to Hebrew, seven to Greek, with eight being a well-spoken defense, a resounding “yes” answer to the question, “Is it all worth it?” Chapter 6 focused on issues with Hebrew linguistics, and my background and grasp of Hebrew is smaller than it is for Greek (itself not all that great). I’ll admit that as the author spoke on the troubles of understanding the verbal stems and their potential relations, I was intrigued. But I also felt like I was…

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    Linguistics & Biblical Exegesis: Groundwork

    At this point, I am about to start Chapter 6. It’s a good breaking point to look back and review. Chapter 1 was a simple, crisp introduction, a nice chilled soup starter. Chapters 2 through 5 are more substantial, a meaty sort of entrée1. It remains to be seen if the remaining chapters are a full on main course, an entrée in the American sense, a matched course, with substance following gracefully on what has come before, or a round of dessert, potentially fruity, cake-y, dense, decadent or sugary sweet. Or maybe it will be some mixture of all of them! Now that the saliva is going, back to the…

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    Sausage & Peppers

    When I want a simple meal, with a lot of color, this is my go-to. Well, if I want a simple meal and I am playing the part of a bachelor. My wife and her pitiable lack of gall bladder disapprove of the peppers, so this is a dish I only get when I am on my own for a weekend, as I am now. This is probably one of the first meals I ever made on my own. And I won’t claim that it originated with me; no, I learned by watching my mom make it for the family. It isn’t so much a recipe as an idea. Meat,…