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    Used Books Day

    Friday, my wife had to be dropped off in Easley. I decided to go the extra distance and make a run to Mr. K’s Used Books. Supporting such a trek was the fact that my wife had set aside a box of books to trade in, while cleaning out her office. Turns out that most of the books were not accepted as trade-in. But, with the little bit I had made, I was able to pick out a couple interesting items: Introduction to the Theory of Relativity by Peter Gabriel Bergmann Der Spieler und andere Romane (Dostoyevski, in German!) Medieval and Modern Greek by Robert Browning (ooooooh) And the opportunity…

  • Social Sciences

    Mises Institute

    I was introduced to mises.org last night. It looks to be an interesting site, with tons of information. The subject matter is the Austrian School of Economics. Can’t believe I wasn’t already aware of this site’s existence. Okay, I can. But I was still a bit surprised. They have a wonderful collection of books in many formats (purchase, pdf, epub, etc), and a ton are good if you are on a budget (they are free). For language learners, there is quite a bit of non-English material here, too. I grabbed a couple books in German, but also saw some in Spanish.

  • Food

    Hunter’s Schnitzel

    Tonight was a night for a low-tech meal. And World Market has provided the answer. Es hat sehr gut geschmeckt! Really tasty. Not everything I have picked up to try from World Market has had the same success with the family. But even the kid who plugs his nose at mushrooms (and potatoes!) said that the sauce was delicious. He of course avoided every mushroom he could, but still. And it prompted an interesting discussion on cultural overlap between Italian and German cuisines, and the spelling of potato dumplings in various language. What’s not to love?