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    In the Mail, Fall 2020 SBTS Edition

    So, here is what I will be reading (above and beyond the stuff I am already reading) for my first semester (fall, the first two of six class blocks during a year of online instruction): F1: Biblical Hermeneutics Required. These, in no particular order, are the required books for my first session: From Eden to the New Jerusalem: An Introduction to Biblical Theology, T. Desmond Alexander Getting the Message: A Plan for Interpreting and Applying the Bible, Daniel M. Doriani 40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible, Robert Plummer How to Read and Understand the Biblical Prophets: How to Read and Understand the Biblical Prophets, Peter J. Gentry Optional. I ordered…

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    In The Mail: Lexical Semantics

    I spend (likely) too much time over at Nerdy Language Majors. Between that and Koine-Greek, I always have something new and interesting to learn and grapple with. And sometimes, it is useful just to find books worth picking up. So, HT to Keith Surland for pointing out Lexical Semantics of the Greek New Testament, by Nida & Louw, a week or so back. I look forward to spending time in it soon!

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    Books and more books

    Surprising, no? I recently started Complex Analysis from the Graduate Texts in Mathematics series. Working through some remedial lessons on complex numbers right now, though I am sure I will be under water before long! I really would like to get the matching volume, Problems and Solutions for Complex Analysis. Maybe someone wants to get me a gift? Complex Analysis was borrowed from the local university library, as was another volume I haven’t started, Mathematical Physics by Kusse and Westwig. Both are the results of struggling through Penrose’s Road to Reality. Enjoying immensely, but I have some math to “catch up” on. Additionally, I got a new book in the…