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    Though Surrounded with Outside Enjoyments

    As we pass Christmas and march forward to the new year, this passage from my assigned reading this week stood out to me: We should not rest in the world and its enjoyments, but should desire heaven. We should above all things desire a heavenly happiness: to be with God and be well with Jesus Christ. Though surrounded with outward enjoyments, and settled in families with desirable friends and relationships; though we have companions whose company is delightful and children in whom we see many promising characteristics; though we live by good neighbors and are generally loved when we are known; yet, we should not take our rest in these…

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    Shark Teeth

    Yesterday, I mentioned that I didn’t have a picture of the shark teeth we collected. Here, I wish to remedy that. Also, I am told to inform you, noble reader, that my wife is an excellent finder of said teeth. In all reality, she is indeed an excellent finder of said teeth.