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    The Day Before Thanksgiving

    So, to begin, it’s my mom’s birthday. So, Happy Birthday! Look forward to being there in December for Christmas! I’m holidaying now in beautiful Banner Elk, NC. And, since it was open, it was the perfect opportunity to visit the book exchange in the historic school. I came prepared, with books that Mr. K’s in Greenville, SC has passed on, books I was glad to part with (or at the very least, was not overly sad to part with). So, a couple nice looking cook books, some witty poetry, a couple of interesting looking Dan Brown novels (he may not be historically, or otherwise, accurate, but they can be a…

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    NOT Betrayed By Gravity

    Well, the brewing was going delightfully. Right up to the point of pitching the yeast. It was taking a while to dribble out, so I stuck it in the head of the carboy and walked away to wipe something down. Then I heard it. Thump. Not a loud noise, but I gasped. The plastic container for the yeast is now at the bottom of the carboy. Where it will stay for the remainder of the fermentation. I’m sure things would only get worse if I tried to fish it out. Anyway, not suggested practice, but hopefully will have little effect. I WAS WRONG! The thump was actually it being pushed…

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    Brew Day

    It’s been months since the start of anything new. That ends today! Basically, this is an ordinary bitter, but not the recipe I’ve used previously. There are 40 minutes of boil remaining.

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    Free Book!

    We interrupt this interruption in blog output to make you aware of a free book that might be of interest to you if you are interested in biblical studies and biblical languages. Browsing on facebook, I ran across the following: Enjoy!