About Me

Welcome to The Pleasant Study! My name is George, and this is a blog about all the things that interest me. 

In describing where I am coming from, pride of place goes to being a follower of Jesus Christ. I also have the pleasure of serving as a co-pastor at The Mount Church (Mount Tabor Baptist Church). In support of these and with some thought to the future I am currently working on an MDiv at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Life is sweetened, and the study frequently fragrant with the smell of essential oils, on account of my wife, Kim. I also am blessed with three children, Jennifer, Julianne, and Sean. The elder two are adapting to life in college while still at home. The youngest is yet in high school, but college looms large.

By vocation, I am a software developer. Lately, I primarily work with SalesForce, but that only scratches the surface of my experience with computer languages, APIs, and systems. I’ve learned that usually it’s best not to describe what I do. The eyes begin to glaze over. So, moving on…

I love linguistics and the study of languages. I have studied a fair few (high thirties at this writing), though I would hardly call myself fluent in more than two or three at any one time. I enjoy translation, and spend some of my free time working on software tools that support language learning. I have some experience teaching English (ESL), as well. 

I like to study mathematics and artificial intelligence. And cognition, and quantum theory, and language acquisition, and… Maybe I just enjoy reading a bit more than the budget really allows. And collecting books.

I like to cook, but if you follow long, you will notice I am a stove-top guy. I love a great sauce, the sear on meat, and soups, and stews. Canning? Sure! I can bake, but big birds are a thorn in my side and bread…well, we aren’t friends. Coworkers, maybe. We sometimes don’t get along.

Well, that about does it. Stick around, comment some, and enjoy whatever strikes my fancy here.

The family. Probably need to update to be more recent!
My family loves the garden, and my wife enjoys getting us in a good shot.