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    More or Less

    J.T. English’s “Deep Discipleship” is fixing to be an awesome book. The introduction alone was incisive and direct. I’ll share just a little bit of something that caught my attention. He’s talking about misdiagnosing the church’s ills in regards to discipleship. Everyone has an opinion in my experience. But English is right, most people seem to think the church requires too much of people. To this English has the following to say: Deep discipleship is about giving people more Bible, not less; more theology, not less; more spiritual disciplines, not less; more gospel, not less; more Christ, not less. Deep Discipleship, p8 I wholeheartedly agree. How can we give people…

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    Worldview and Discipleship: The Excluded Middle

    Since the second day of T4G 2022, I’ve been reading no shortcut to success, and I have been loving it. But chapter 8 took things to a whole other level as it addressed worldview and discipleship. There is just so much in it to commend to you, my reader. Getting There More than once I’ve heard it said that if you can only read a part of this book, read chapters 1-3. And those first few chapters, where Matt Rhodes lays out the issues he is seeing on the field, are great. They are clear, helpful, challenging. But more than anything, I reached the end with a feeling of, “A…

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    How Flawed and Insufficient Your Love Is

    I’ve now started into my next book, as I had mentioned in the last post. Chapter 2 of Discipling is titled “Oriented Towards Others”. A number of passages are addressed as Dever talks about the biblical pattern we experience in Jesus through the gospels, as well as the example Paul provides. But the one that stood out for me was Colossians 1:28-29. He looks at it through the lens of two different word pairs. The first pair is “toil” and “struggling”, reflecting on the need to engage, to work hard to see the gospel take root. Discipleship doesn’t just happen. It takes conscious effort, fueled by the work God is…