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Indian Wednesday

That is, food.

My wife is not the biggest fan of lamb, but my daughter likes it much as I do1. Since my daughter was left home with me over this past weekend2, I had intended to make us something with lamb. Even got it from the local Publix. However, Jenna kept on going out and doing teenager-y things, and it just didn’t happen.

However, that meant I still have lamb. And, well, it wants to be eaten! And in respect of my wife, I chose two dishes to make for dinner, one lamb and one chicken. Those choices? Aloo gosht (Delhi-style lamb cooked with potatoes) and Murgh aur masoor dal3 (Bombay-style chicken with red split lentils). Both recipes are out of Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian Cooking (link below).

Beautiful. And where is the smell-o-vision!?

Both dishes were wonderful. The lamb was super tender, the smell intoxicating, the spice level underwhelming. But I knew Jenna would not want the lamb very spicy, and Kim would not tolerate the chicken spicy, either. Despite that, the flavor was excellent. While I love lamb and get it rarely, I think the flavor of the dal was my favorite. It was a mix of nutty, spicy, savory and light citrus. Mmmm.

Everyone seemed to enjoy and there was plenty to go around. Can’t really beat that.

  1. A lot.
  2. The rest ditched us at home and went to the Banner Elk/Boone, NC area, to ski, snowshoe and sit by the fire.
  3. Well, actually it was toor dal (yellow split lentils), as I found out midstream that we had run out of the red.

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