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    Linguistics & Biblical Exegesis: Groundwork

    At this point, I am about to start Chapter 6. It’s a good breaking point to look back and review. Chapter 1 was a simple, crisp introduction, a nice chilled soup starter. Chapters 2 through 5 are more substantial, a meaty sort of entrée1. It remains to be seen if the remaining chapters are a full on main course, an entrée in the American sense, a matched course, with substance following gracefully on what has come before, or a round of dessert, potentially fruity, cake-y, dense, decadent or sugary sweet. Or maybe it will be some mixture of all of them! Now that the saliva is going, back to the…

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    Christmas 2018

    Merry Christmas! Well, this will be the first post at my new home, I used to blog on WordPress, at, but it has been a while. I’ve been wanting to get some windows hosting space where I could play with code and, well, do all kinds of fun things. I wanted the ability to blog in a space that would be completely flexible – only limited by my time and energy. So, here I am. I got webspace (thanks WinHost) for Christmas and am enjoying setting up this site. So, what’s been going on with me? During the holiday break so far, I’ve worked on a couple puzzles…