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I just started reading Owen Strachan and Gavin Peacock’s The Grand Design: Male and Female He Made Them. So far, definitely enjoying it. But page 11 (really the first page of text) made me stop and remark on how Strachan gets me. That comment will take a brief explanation!

When I travel, internationally, domestically, whatever, I like to plan ahead. And that planning includes something that many people likely find bizarre. I like to look for the best book stores in the area.

So, I’ve drug Kim to bookstores in Italy (Libreria Acqua Alta, in Venice, for instance, and it was pretty awesome) and asked her wait for me as I browsed in the Rome train terminal. Where better to find a good copy of The Lord of the Rings in Italian? I’ve been to the oldest bookstore in the world, Livraria Bertrand, in Lisbon. I must say the language section was quite good, as expected for a European bookstore.

Travelling to Tennessee last year, we stopped by a lovely little second-hand bookstore. And for an upcoming trip to celebrate our anniversary, I’ve already looked and am quite interested in checking out Wall Street Books. And with that I’m going to stop, or I might prove Kim’s assertion that I need to rid myself of a few books. Nah!

So back to Strachan:


I’m not alone! It may still not be “normal”, but I’m going to run with this as vindication for my own personal quirk. And Owen, if I can be so informal, you are not alone either. I’m up to grab tea/coffee in a bookstore sometime!


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