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First to Wound, Then to Heal

I was gripped by today’s reading in Refreshment for the Soul. Temptation and sin waging war, Satan in all his boastful taunting, it is helpful to read of the savior’s mercy. Of his patience. Of his own temptations, of his victory. But mostly of his grace poured out on me in my sin and weakness:

Let this support us when we feel ourselves bruised. Christ’s way is first to wound, then to heal. No sound, whole soul will ever enter into heaven. Think when in temptation, Christ was tempted for me; according to my trials will be my graces and comforts. If Christ be so merciful as not to break me, I will not break myself by despair, nor yield myself over to the roaring lion, Satan, to break me in pieces.

Richard Sibbes, The Bruised Reed, pp. 9-10, as quoted in Refreshment for the Soul, p. 51

Considering his temptations when we are tempted is not necessarily our first thought. Nor is considering his mercy when we fail, though we may often approach in a weary desperation. That Christ plans to work good from even our failures, that he has allowed them for our glorification, is seldom considered. As a soul feeling its bruises this morning, I lean on Christ all the more.

So far, this book has been a great addition to daily devotions. I highly recommend.

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