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A Little In The Way

I bought a used desk a month ago and it has been sitting in my garage. I have traded my office to my wife, and the room that will become my office/study is getting new flooring. All good, except it is taking quite a bit of time.

A big box store who shall remain unnamed is supplying the materials, and has so far been pretty unprofessional. Pushing delivery dates, failing to communicate, both with me and the installer, that sort of thing. Things happen, but it is getting fairly silly at this point. Hopefully, early next week the materials will be delivered, and then the install can begin.

Minimal Wiggle Room

So, in the meantime, I’ve been sitting with my work setup at the kitchen counter, a high counter with a wooden bar stool. The bar stool used to get occasional use, but this regular usage has crippled it. While at the same time cutting off the circulation to my legs. Bottom line, I was over it. Time to bring the desk to a temporary resting spot, despite the work and displacement involved.

Looking at the picture, a couple things come to mind.

  • This is the state of most of my books, upper left-hand corner. Stacked quickly and without thought to usage. And the remaining books are in boxes and tubs. The horror!
  • Center left, Christmas decorations. We had plans to put decorations in a new storage medium before packing away for the year. Instead, we are considering just leaving them out for the remainder (just kidding!)
  • Bottom right, poor crushed pillow. I should have fluffed it
  • Upper right, Fish tank. They desperately would like me to stop typing away and top up the tank with water
  • And then mid-shot, in the way of everything, a comfortable place to sit and work, or study a language, or do bills

Sean, who is constantly practicing the piano, may be a little put out by my proximity if this lasts too long.

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