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    Hunter’s Schnitzel

    Tonight was a night for a low-tech meal. And World Market has provided the answer. Es hat sehr gut geschmeckt! Really tasty. Not everything I have picked up to try from World Market has had the same success with the family. But even the kid who plugs his nose at mushrooms (and potatoes!) said that the sauce was delicious. He of course avoided every mushroom he could, but still. And it prompted an interesting discussion on cultural overlap between Italian and German cuisines, and the spelling of potato dumplings in various language. What’s not to love?

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    Dessert for New Year’s Eve

    Went to the grocery store, buying potatoes and sparkling grape juice to round out beef stew and New Year’s Eve festivities, respectively, and saw pears. That means… Poached Pears. The possibilities are maybe not endless, but certainly numerous. I went for a cinnamon, clove and vermouth poach this time. This I topped with an orange whip cream.