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Batch 85: It’s Been Awhile, Mead

I have not started anything, to my dismay, in many moons. Five, to be exact. So, today, I made it a mission to start something. Beer is likely on the way soon. I’m thinking a nice pale ale or maibock. An orange blossom braggot is on my mind, as well. But I have no time for that today. Today, we made mead.

Looking over ingredients on hand, I decided on a metheglin, that is, a “spiced” mead. And in this case, that means honey, cloves and lemon balm. The cloves we just always have on hand in the spice cabinet. The lemon verbena in the garden is just loving the weather, so we have plenty of it as well.

As for honey, I had a couple gallons of orange blossom, and a gallon of tupelo honey. But I’m saving them for other things (the braggot being one). I went with a gallon of wildflower. Basic, but I’m hoping the lemon balm and clove take center stage!

Mead making is simple, really. I’ve just been a bit lazy. I mean , it can be be complicated, just depends on what your end goal is! At the end of the process – more moons – I’ll perhaps post the recipe for this one. But I am looking forward to it. The lemon verbena Kim helped me pick smelled amazing!

Lalvin-D47, do your thing!

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