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Library Outing

After reviewing my local university’s library website, I found that at least one of the books I earlier posted about was available. Helpfully, I am an alumnus, and so can borrow books pretty easily. Thirty minute trip later – parking is a pain, though traffic is light right now – I had Linguistics: An Introduction to Language and Communication in hand. Unfortunately, it is a much older edition (1979). Turns out even the edition cited in L&BE (6th, 2010) has been superceded. The size difference is immense, also, with the edition I borrowed having 357 pages, and that of the latest (7th, 2017) edition being 608 pages. At a whopping $124.90 (new). I might have to look into that some time in the future. Absolutely. Not. Today.

A number of the other titles were available through online collections, but alumni have no such luck there. If you are on campus, say in the library, you can access the online materials. But off-campus, no such luck.

With a few remaining minutes of paid parking space, I browsed further down the shelf and Generative Phonology struck my eye. Seems like an interesting addition. I’m curious, to say the least.

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